Presentacion Que es Exceltur Programa Conclusiones y video IV Foro y Anteriores
Amancio López
Chairman of Exceltur and Chairman of Hotusa
José Luis Zoreda
Chief Executive Officer Exceltur

Dear Friend, 

Tourism closes 2015 in a privileged position in many countries like Spain, with its principal macroeconomic indicators confirming the leadership and key contribution of the sector to the growth of the economy and creation of employment. Besides that strength of the sector, which has also facilitated the recent and gradual recovery of revenue and business margins strongly damaged by the crisis, it should not be obviated that in large part the recent years have been favoured by an appreciable “tailwind” attributable to exogenous and unexpected factors.

The undesired instability in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, together with the situation in their minimum values of two macroeconomic variables which are determinant for the sector- the exchange rate of the euro against the dollar and the pound, together with the price of oil- have impelled the influx of tourists towards southern Europe destinations like Spain. Although its results have been at maximum levels in recent years, these external factors may be reverted in the near future, given the  existing volatility and uncertainties of a geopolitical scenario, which could condition the current competitive position of their tourist sector.

All this coincides in Spain with the start of a new central government legislature 2016-2019, which should observe a reinforced priority for a key sector, also marked by the intense changes provoked by the accelerated empowerment of tourists who are increasingly demanding, informed and connected online. That is to say, with more creative and coordinated institutional policies at country level, favouring the reinvestment and continuous adaptation of both a more personalised marketing and the most competitive business models resulting from the obligatory digitalisation of the sector, with the prerogatives which this brings to the tourist.

In this context, the year 2016 will face new political, institutional, social and technological challenges to guarantee a sustainable growth of those more socially and economically more profitable tourist flows. This will require a more committed and innovative public-private management, diversifying a supply and demand, which helps to moderate seasonality and is more focused on achieving the greatest benefits for all parties. 

This scenario will facilitate the advance towards new differential and more experiential tourist positionings, which will favour the creation of greater and better employment and a higher tourist spillover in Spanish destinations, generating wider knock-on effects on its socio-business fabric. This will bring in turn greater understanding, coexistence and empathy of its citizens and local societies towards the tourist sector.

Encouraged by these objectives, EXCELTUR is holding the VIII Tourism Leadership Forum, conscious that with a solid bet for innovation and digitalisation, with a vision more widely shared between all the public and private actors, we shall successfully overcome the increasing competitive challenges posed by the global tourism horizon. That is the spirit which once more guides the program, which will count on the participation of leading figures from the Government and State and the intervention of top national and international leaders from public administrations and business who, in the diverse panels, will reveal their experiences in this respect.



Fernando Gumuzio
Founding Partner of Azora and Board Member of Hispania
Javier Illa
Board Member of NH Hotels and Executive Member of Barcelona s Hotel Association
Fernando Clavijo
President, Government of the Canary Islands
Adolfo Utor
Chairman, Baleària
Pedro Moneo
CEO & Founder Opinno
Manuel Marrero
Minister of Tourism Cuba
Juan Antonio Alcaraz - Managing Director, Caixabank
Ovidio Andrés - Chairman, Logitravel
Carlos Bertomeu - Chairman & CEO, Air Nostrum
Marta Blanco - Chief Executive Officer of Turespaña
Eulogio Bordás - President THR, Innovative Tourism Advisors
Dimitrios Buhalis - Director of e Tourism Lab, Bournemouth University
Gabriele Burgio - Chairman, Alpitour
Fernando Clavijo - President, Government of the Canary Islands
Ismael Clemente - Chairman & CEO, Merlin Properties Socimi
Luis Cueto - Chairman of the Board, IFEMA
Alain Dupeyras - Head of the Tourism Unit OECD
Javier Delgado Muerza - Head of EMEA Travel Vertical Search, Google.
Francisco de la Torre - Mayor of Málaga
Gabriel Escarrer Jaume - Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Meliá Hotels International
Juan Espadas - Mayor of Sevilla
Javier Faus - Chairman, Meridia Capital Partners
Michael Frenzel - Chairman, WTTC
Luis Gallego - CEO, Iberia LAE
Javier Gómez-Navarro - President of the association (ATM) and former Minister of Tourism of Spain
José Mª González - Chief Executive Officer, Europcar IB
Fernando Gumuzio - Founding Partner of Azora and Board Member of Hispania
Javier Illa - Board Member of NH Hotels and Executive Member of Barcelona s Hotel Association
Rodolfo López Negrete - CEO, México Tourism Board
Amancio López - Chairman of Exceltur & Chairman of Hotusa
Alex Luzárraga - Vice President, Corporate Strategy Amadeus IT Group
Ivan Mainprize - Vice President EMEA, American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services
Manuel Marrero - Minister of Tourism Cuba
Abel Matutes Prats - CEO Palladium Hotel Group
Lee Mc Cabe - Global Head of Travel & Commercial Services, Facebook
Pedro Moneo - CEO & Founder Opinno
Alberto Nuñez Feijoó - President of the Autonomous Government of Galicia
Ximo Puig - President, Government of the Valencia region
Taleb Rifai - Secretary-General , World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Carmen Riu - Chief Executive Officer, Riu Hotels
Jorge Schoenenberger - Partner Deloitte, Travel, Hospitality & Leisure Lead
José Antonio Tazón - Chairman Amadeus IT Group
Adolfo Utor - Chairman, Baleària
Pablo Vázquez - Chairman of Renfe
Carlos Vogeler - Director–Executive Secretary of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Ait Voncke - Vice President, EME Market Management Expedia
Jos Vranken - Chief Executive Officer, Visit Holland
Hisham Zaazou - Minister of Tourism of Egypt
José Luis Zoreda - Chief Executive Officer, Exceltur
19 January 2016 - Centro de Convenciones IFEMA - Madrid

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